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Geography EYFS - KS2. A World of exciting geography resources! Comprehensive, lively and ready-to-use resources.
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Primary School Topics

Looking for primary school topic ideas? ...
Struggling to find resources to match your school topics?

Karascope offers resources designed especially for primary school children covering topics for early years, KS1 and KS2. What’s more, you can buy and download just the resource or lesson plan you need - limiting any unnecessary expense.

  • Karascope resources start from £5.00 !!! 
  • Brilliant value for proven teaching resources
  • Take a look at our school topics suggestions ...  

Primary School Topics by School Calendar Year:

September 2013 School Topics 

October 2013 School Topics

November 2013 School Topics

December 2013 School Topic

January 2014 School Topics

February 2014 School Topics

March 2014 School Topics

April 2014 School Topics

May 2014 School Topics

June 2014 School Topics

July 2014 School Topics

August 2014 School Topics




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