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Primary School Job Descriptions

Primary School Job Descriptions

Do you need a job description in a hurry? Are you looking for a one off teacher job description or do you require help with the whole primary school recruitment process?

Whether appointing a Headteacher, teacher or non-teaching staff, the appropriate person for a job is a vital decision that will affect your entire school team. Here is a unique and user-friendly primary school recruitment resource that will guide you through all the school employment process from a single teacher job description and sample adverts through to interview questions and employment legislation.

This resource is suitable for all teaching and non-teaching appointments in the primary school, from Caretaker and ICT technician to Class Teacher and Headteacher :

  • Primary teacher job descriptions
  • Non teaching job descriptions
  • Person specifications
  • Sample adverts
  • Interview questions
  • Advice on shortlisting
  • Reference request forms
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Hard copy also available
  Product Name Info Size Type Price  
CLOSE Primary School Job Descriptions & Appointment Procedures
(includes: job descriptions, specifications, interview questions, sample adverts, rejection letters, parent notification and much more.)

more Info 888.3Kb ZIP £120.00 BUY
  Headteacher   65.6Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Deputy Headteacher   97.0Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Assistant Headteacher   110.0Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Senior Management Team Member   50.3Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  SENCO   63.4Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Key Stage Leader   62.6Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Subject Leader   79.0Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Class Teacher   100.0Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Bursar   81.6Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Higher Level Teaching Assistant   85.2Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Level 1 Teaching Assistant   89.1Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Level 2 Teaching Assistant   86.8Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Level 3 Teaching Assistant   86.8Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Administrative Assistant   93.8Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  ICT Technician   77.9Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Senior Midday Supervisor   68.5Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Midday Supervisor   74.2Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Cook in Charge   69.3Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Caretaker   74.8Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  Cleaner   68.5Kb zip File £5.00 BUY
  General Legal Information & Key Employment Legislation Relevant to Recruitment   70.3Kb ZIP £5.00 BUY
  Information on Advertising
(including guidance defining the job, where to advertise, acknowlegement letters and interviewing panels)
  73.8Kb ZIP £5.00 BUY
  Information on Interviewing
(including guidance on the shortlisting process, building rapport questions and assessing answers)
  106.7Kb ZIP £5.00 BUY
  Information on Appointing Staff
(including guidance on decision making, contacting candidates, rejection letters, preliminary visits and induction)
  53.6Kb ZIP £5.00 BUY